More About Lilian Ramos

Name: Lilian de Moura Ramos
DOB: 27 de Fevereiro de 1964 – Fortaleza- Brasil


My Mum, Maria Yone and my Dad, Walder still live in my hometown, Fortaleza, Brasil, with my brother, Walder Jr. who is a doctor and my sister, Cristiana who is a psychologist. My younger sister, Angélica who is a journalist lives in Spain. I am very close to my family because they always gave me a lot of support and love.

I try to spend as much time with them as possible, at least I travel to Brasil once a year and when I have a weekend free, I escape to Madrid.

I recently got married to a building constructor, Luca Cieri in a private ceremony. We live in a beautiful house in the center of Rome.


I spend at least one hour a day doing aerobic exercises. I think playing tennis is one of the best ways to release tension.
To relax I play with the racket three times a week, it’s my new passion!


Have a good fitness regime is important but it’s not enough if your mind is not open. Sense of humor and optimism are essential to look great too. Give a smile to yourself everyday when you wake up and people will find you more beautiful than ever. Is you see first the good things, life will become easier and happier.


My friends often call me Camel! The reason is I drink more than three litres of water a day. I’m always thirsty and believe me, it’s really healthy. Try to do the same, your skin will feel the difference and will be grateful.